Maxway Latest WhatsApp Sender With buttons

Software Features :

1. Easy To Use
2. Create And Upload Database of your potential customers
3. Send Text, Image, Video (Make Viral)
4. 100% Delivery On Number
5. In-Built Filter
6. Get Instant Report
7. No Credit limit, Send Unlimited msg to Unlimited Users And Clients
8. Lowest Rate In Market
9. Customized, Transparency, And Control
10. It’s Easy From Bulk Sms
11. Also, Opening rate in WA msg is more than bulk SMS
12.Account Switching in Running Campaign
13.Sending Customized Message

Maxway Latest WhatsApp Sender With buttons

New Whatsapp Marketing Windows Pc Software with Button Msg._
✅ Send Unlimited Whatsapp Massage.
✅ Call to Action Button.
✅ Fast Whatsapp Number Filter.
✅ Group Contact Grabber.
✅ Send Text,Video,Pdf,Image’s and Etc
✅ Anti-Banned tools & Trick.
✅ Multi Wa-Account Rotation.
✅ Normal Sending speed for reduce Blocking.
✅ 100% Original Product
✅ 100% Best Service & Support.

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