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What Is WhatsApp Cloud API?

It’s the cloud version of Facebook’s WhatsApp Business API, released in 2019.

Though it has many features that attract the business to start with it, it prevailed with some restrictions for businesses that stopped its widespread adoption by small and medium-level businesses.

The cloud-based API for WhatsApp Business makes it possible for all businesses across the globe to get started on WhatsApp Business.

Registering with WhatsApp business API was a lengthy procedure and needed to enrol with the BSPs. Now it’s not the case. Any business or developer can seamlessly access WhatsApp business APIs, customize them according to their need, and boost their response time to customers using secure cloud-hosted WhatsApp API.

Facebook (also known as Meta) will now carry for all hosting and servers. Businesses can now quickly register and arrange their WhatsApp business API account free of cost.

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